Weight Lose diet Chart for Male and Female

Diet Chart

People take tension about food in weight lose journey. So, this website is help to you in weight lose journey. Simple and Healthy Chart is made for both male and female. It provides benefit because it is healthy diet chart.

Don’t be worried about Weight lose because this chart is helpful for you.

Avoid Things in weight lose

·        All beverages like cold drink, juice etc

·        All Fast Food like burger, pizza, shawarma etc

·        All fry food like samosa, fry fish etc

·        Don’t take sugar food

·        Don’t eat Rice

Things that take in weight lose

·        Drink simple water

·        Eat simple food that made at home like roti , salan ,vegetable and fruit salad

·        Take steam food like steam chicken and fish

·        Take sugar free milk and yogurt

·        One Cheat day in a week ( you eat everything but in limit)

 Diet Chart


Exercise Time


Morning with empty stomach


Drink warm water

At 8’o clock

1 hour Running , Yoga


Breakfast at 10’o clock


1 boil egg with sugar free milk

Lunch at 2’o clock


1 roti with any gravy and lot of vegetable salad

Evening at 5’o clock


Take some dry fruits


Take Juice of fresh fruits

Dinner at 8’o clock


Same as  lunch

After Dinner

1 hour Walking


Before sleeping


Drink Warm water


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