Ramadan Diet Chart for Weight Lose


Ramadan Diet Chart for Weight Lose

Ramadan is a blessing month, in this month people take fast. Fasting during Ramadan means self-control from all kind of drinks and foods. Some people automatically lose their weight in Ramadan, but some people increase their weight to eat unnecessary food in Ramadan.

People also take tension about food in Ramadan during weight lose journey. So, this website is help to you in weight lose journey during Ramadan. Simple and Healthy Chart is made for all. It provides benefit because it is healthy diet chart.

Don’t be worried about Weight lose because this chart is helpful for you.


Important Guidelines:

Don’t drink beverages like cold drink, juice 

Don’t eat Fast Food like burger, pizza, shawarma etc

Don’t eat fry food like samosa etc

Don’t take sugar food

Don’t eat Rice


Diet Chart:


Exercise Time


Morning with empty stomach


Drink simple water

At Sehri time


1 khajoour,

Take 1 roti grease with little home-made oil (dasi ghee) with any gravy and take yogurt (without sugar)

At Iftari time


1 khajour,  

Brown bread sandwich,

Eat fresh fruits,

Drink milk (without sugar)

After Iftari

1 hour Walking


Before sleeping


Drink little warm water


Don’t eat heavy food at Iftar time because your stomach is fully empty due to Fasting. When you eat heavy or oily food at Iftar time, it badly effect on your empty stomach and become cause of Fat in your Body.

In Ramadan eating little things but healthy like milk, fresh food/ fresh food juice, yogurt.

Don’t do any heavy exercise during Fasting. Just do simple walking after Iftari.


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